Regulations for Teeth Arrangement Competition


  1. Two participant per college is allowed.
  2. The delegate should get all the required armamentarium for teeth arrangement.
  3. The delegate should get an articulated edentulous maxillary and mandibular cast in class 1 relationship in 3-point / mean value articulator.
  4. Acrylic denture bases, modeling wax occlusal rims, teeth set, articulated cast has to be duly approved and signed by concerned Head of the Department. A letter of approval has to be obtained from Head of the Department for the same.
  5. The teeth set to be used are premadent teeth set in accordance to the cast/mold dimension. Preferable armamentarium – Premadent teeth set, modeling wax, wax knife, Lecron carver, wax spatula, tooth brush, blow torch, chip blower, rubber bowl.
  6. The delegate shall be provided with gas provision, Bunsen burner and place for teeth arrangement.
  7. The time allotted for the competition is 90 minutes.
  8. No additional facilities /armamentarium shall be provided. The use of advantageous instruments, armamentarium, and materials can be lead to negative score/ disqualification.
  9. Upload entries to by Login with register mobile number.
  10. Last date of entries submission is 15th May, 2018.
  11. Three prizes will be declared under this category.
  12. In all situations, the decisions of the scientific committee are final and binding.

* Entry for this Activity is Closed *