Guidelines for E - Poster Presentation


  1. All the poster presentations are categorized as: original research, case report & review.
  2. The structured abstract should be submitted not exceeding 250 words.
  3. Poster should have an introduction to problem / hypothesis. An overview of approach, results in graphical form, and discussion of results, conclusion & references. Title should be condensed based on the main aim of the poster and include all the authors names.
  4. Posters should be understandable to the viewer without verbal explanation. It should have a clear structure and layout with minimum amount of text. Presentations should be in. one .ppt slide (Microsoft PowerPoint). The Page setup / size is: 16:9, Orientation: Landscape mode. Do not use slide transitions / custom animations / movie or sound links in the ppt.
  5. All the authors, coauthors should be present at the time of presentation.
  6. Three posters are allowed for each college with intake of up to 6 PG seats per batch and four posters for more than 6 MDS seats per batch. The maximum number of participants is restricted to 4 delegates (1 author + 3 co-authors for each poster).


* Entry for this Activity is Closed *